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With Chromecast you can send your music to your speakers wirelessly to your Google Home or any Chromecast device.

In a Chrome web browser you can already cast sound back to your remote speakers.
Coming soon is Chromecast integration into this site to make that work better.
  • Delegate the playlist to your chromecast so you can turn off your phone.
  • A friendly information rich wide screen interface sent to Chromecast devices with a display.


Conversational user interface should not feel like a menu of choices. By adding many more spoken Intents, Meeka Music will have a useful answer for most situations and feel much more like talking to a person.

The latest release includes vocabulary for help, genre information, favorites, sharing as well as Intents to delete things.

Gallery Mashups

Show photos from Google Drive, Google Search, Pinterest and other sources as a slideshow.


A solid conversational user interface as infrastructure for 3D engagement has been the inspiration for this project.

Using A-Frame to generate WebVR content you can see more and your listening experience can be driven by your movement as well as your voice.
  • Organising music is easier with playlists and search results that you can drag song to/from placed around you in space.
  • Listening experiences showing photo galleries matched to music.
  • Just Dance is great. Just Juggling is where I'd like to take things. With spacial cues to follow, learning is faster. Fuzzy catch for beginners .....
Speech Recognition Requires Chrome
Understanding what you say relies on the speech to text service that is free in the Google Chrome web browser.

Upgrade your web browser to support speech recognition.

Get Google Chrome
You may already have Chrome but it hasn't opened by default
Copy the link from the address bar and open in the Chrome browser directly.



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How Do I?

Search and Play Music
The home page provides a list of popular music from the Internet. You can also search for music by song title "Search for the song Banana Splits", by artist "Search for music by Queen", by album "Search for music on the album White Knight" or by genre "Search for rock music"

You can ask me to "play music" with any of the same search criteria as when finding music "Tell me about finding music". If you first search for music you can ask me to "add all" or "play all"

  • Upload music files to Google Drive to manage and play your music collection on all your devices anywhere.
  • Use your phone as a music remote control for your PC.
  • Keep your playlist between all your devices.
  • In combination with a Chrome Browser or Google Home speech device you can talk to your music collection

Try saying

  • Clear the playlist
  • Play some rock music
  • Pause
  • Next track
  • Play some music by Electric Six
  • Play the song Yearning For Better Days
  • Play the album Scandinavian Sound
  • What song is this
  • Play some random music
  • Shuffle the playlist
  • Complete vocabulary list
If you are talking to Google Home you will have to ask by name. For example
  • OK Google, ask Meeka Music to pause
In a web browser, click the microphone to start talking.
Meeka Music lets you play and organise your MP3 files, source and legally share music from Internet sources. If you want, you can do it all by speaking! Hands free media controls is super useful when you have busy (or sticky) fingers.

Voice control of Meeka Music works best with Google Home but also works on recent Android phones and iPhones and in Chrome web browsers. Command recognition is powered by API.AI natural language recognition which brings a huge boost to how well Meeka can understand you.



  • Music player with playlists works in any web browser to let you listen to, collect and organise music.
  • Player is synchronised between logged in devices so you can use your phone as a remote and your playlist continues when you walk out the door with it.
  • Import your own music and save it to Google Drive then use MusicBrainz to fill missing meta data (artist/album etc).
  • Open files from google drive using the Chrome App or the Drive picker on the upload screen. Install Into Google Drive
  • Source from the huge library of Creative Commons music at Jamendo and the Free Music Archive.
  • Seamless search across all music sources by Title, Artist, Album and Genre.
  • Featured playlists for a quick start to finding your kind of music.
  • Share "free" songs and playlists by email or on facebook, twitter or google.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Space toggles playback. Arrows for next/prev. Alt-v for microphone.
  • Voice recognition with extensive vocabulary and natural language recognition. Sample commands include.
    • Pause, start playing, clear the playlist
    • Next track, Previous Track, Play the next track
    • Play some random music, play some music by Josh Woodward, play my favorites
    • Search for jazz music, Search for waltzing matilda.
    • Start the relaxation playlist
    • I like this song (Shall I add this to your favorites? Yes) , I don't like this song
    • I like this artist, I like this album.
    • Tag this song as blues, Add this song to my relaxation playlist
    • What album is this, Tell me about this song
    • Play this album, Play music by this artist
    • Save this song to my collection
For a full list of what you can say, see the vocabulary page



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Featured from the Free Music Archive


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Import your music     
* For now we can only accept MP3 files.
* You must provide a title, artist, album and genre for each song.
* We try to fill as much information about the song from the Internet as well as the MP3 ID3 tags in your file or as a last resort the name of the file.
* Change the title or artist to see album choices from MusicBrainz.
* Click the down arrow to clear and generate the title from the name of the file.

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